Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June Show and Tell Tuesday

Summer seems likes its just getting started but its already June 21st! Time is flying by and I've been pretty busy this summer. I'm excited to link up with Forever in Fifth Grade for my first ever Show and Tell Tuesday. 
I've spent most of my summer so far at county fairs here in Kentucky. My husband drag races ATV's and it seems like every night I find myself at a different county fair. Recently we took our child  dog, Ruger, to a race and he loved it from he trailer, but the closer we got to the track the less he seemed to enjoy himself. 
I had been wanting to go to the Zoo for awhile since the Louisville Zoo recently had a baby gorilla, and lets face it they are the best. We went with a group of our friends to visit the baby gorilla and it was HOT that day. A lot of the animals were not that active because it was so hot, but we did get to see several of the gorillas and even the baby! 
The baby gorillas mother died giving birth, so the zookeepers have been taking extra steps to make sure the baby gorilla lives. If you look closely you can see the baby laying on the chest of the zookeeper. 


  1. What a great job, snuggling with baby gorillas! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  2. I'd love to see a baby gorilla up close! We run into that problem going to the zoo here, too...it's too hot for the animals to move around!

  3. The zookeeper cuddling the baby gorilla is the best! That must have been amazing to see.