Friday, June 3, 2016

Google Classroom Partners

Summer break is finally here!! It is a teachers favorite time of the year. I love having time to actually relax for once and spend time with my dog family. 
Since I've been on summer break I've been reading some about Google's new API partners (I actually have no idea what that means, but I do know it makes things a lot easier for me!) so I decided to take a look and see if there were any new partners that would help me when school starts again. I found this helpful website, here, that listed all of Google Classroom's most recent partners and spend some time looking into the ones that I had not heard of before. 

The first one, and I think to be the most useful to me was this website seemed to be great for teachers who are already implementing self paced learning or who are like me and wanting to try next year. Next year one of my goals is to begin doing self based learning for some of my students in math, and this website seems to be just what I am looking for to get started. 

Teachers are able to search through a database of videos, assessments, quizzes, lesson plans and games in a variety of ways. I really love that you are able to search by specific Common Core Standards in Reading and Math. This website seems to have lots of videos and resources for all subject areas and grade levels as well. 

I really like that this database uses many other resources such as National Geographic and Kahn Academy so I could it see it saving me time from searching each individual resource. 

In the assignments tab teachers are able to assign specific students different lessons and since OpenEd is a partner with Google Classroom all of the assignments are easy to push out to students through Google Classroom. 

In the mastery chart tab you are able to see which students have completed specific assignments, videos or lessons and how they did on those lessons. Then, if a student is having trouble mastering a concept you can pick videos for them to watch for extra help, or even pull them in a small group based off of their needs. It seems that this tab would be very beneficial to see which students are on task or off task during work time as well. 

Finally, in the roster tab students can join by using a specific class code, similar to Google Classroom or they can be uploaded straight from Google Classroom.

I love the many different ways this resource can be used in the classroom, and as an added bonus everything from assignments to rosters will work seamlessly with Google Classroom. Check back soon for more Google Classroom Parters! 

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