Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Scheduling on Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the bomb, we all know that but it just got ten times better! One of the issues that I had with Google Classroom was that I wanted to schedule assignments in one fail swoop, but the only option was to make assignments live right then or save them as a draft. 

Earlier in the year I had a sub and I wanted my kids to complete assignments on Google Classroom, I had uploaded all of them, but didn't want them to be live until the day I wasn't going to be there, so saved them all as a draft. Can you guess what happened next? I forgo to make the assignments live so there was no work for my students the day that I wasn't there. Lucky my team teacher saved the day and all was well, but I knew there had to be an easier way. 

So, I decided to give Google some feedback and they actually listened! Now on Google Classroom you can schedule assignments to be life hours, days or even weeks in advance! How cool is that?! 

First things firs, you have to create the assignment that you want on Google Classroom by clicking the plus sign button the bottom right hand corner of the webpage. 

Then, you click create assignment. Next, you give the assignments your desired name, directions, due date and attachments, then click the down arrow where it says "assign." This then gives you the option to assign now, schedule or save draft. 

Finally, you click "schedule" and you are able to decide the date and time your assignment will be live on Google Classroom for all to see. How awesome is that! 

I can't wait to being using this new feature on Google Classroom, and I hope this quick tutorial helped you out a little bit. I am so happy to see that Google does take into consideration the needs and feedback of teachers.