Wednesday, September 28, 2016

RTI Organization

Shew! This year has been nothing more than a whirlwind! With only 2 days until Fall Break, I'm finally getting some time to relax and blog. 
Since my school year has been super busy already this year, I've found that I've been spending more time trying to keep myself organized. One of my many struggles as a teacher is finding time to do it all, and RTI is one of the many things that I'm struggling to keep ahead of. That's why this year I've decided to create RTI folders for each of my Tier 3 students who I meet with the most. 

For me, organization serves two purposes, to keep me from digging around in a zillion piles, and to be cute functional. Luckily I found 3 matching pocket folders with prongs and some full sheet Avery labels and RTI folders were quickly made! These full sheet Avery labels have been a huge time saver for me this year, I can't believe I never used them before! 

Inside of the folder I spend a full planning time making weeks of Number Worlds copies. (Number Worlds is our district Tier 3 RTI program) I've found that if  I spend the time now making RTI copies that it saves me time during the week. This way I can devote more time to the many other teacherie things I have to do. 

If you are want your own copy of the RTI folder covers you can grab them here, or click below to get your own editable copy. 

I hope this little bit of organization saves you as much time as it does me!