Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Currently

Another month has come and gone and it just doesn't seem right that its already November! As always I am linking up with Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade for the November Currently. This link will always be one of my all time favorites! I just love to read what you are up to!

Since Ruger is my fur baby and an only granddog on both sides of the family, he was spoiled on Halloween and got a ton of new toys and treats. Right now he is laying on the floor beside me chewing on his newest and most favorite squeaky toy. 

I am loving that I have a 4 day weekend and it is making this Sunday very enjoyable. The long weekend is well deserved since I survived a week of field trips, Halloween and pizza parties, oh yeah plus that pesky full moon. 

With Halloween over I feel like Christmas is in full swing, don't get me wrong I love Christmas just a much as anyone but I feel that Thanksgiving is important too. There are so many things that I am thankful for and I just feel like Christmas must wait until after Thanksgiving is over. 

Why does 1 hour make such a huge difference?! Its 8:00 here in Kentucky and I feel like it is midnight. Even though I don't have to work tomorrow I still feel like I should be in bed by now. This has been the never ending day. 

Sundays are one of my favorite nights of the week for one reason only, The Walking Dead. Last week there was a HUGE cliffhanger and this one hour time change is making me feel like 9:00 will never get here! 

I. Love. Fall. and with that being said, potato soup is one of the things I love about fall the most. You just can't cook soup if its 90 degrees outside so fall weather means soup weather. My husband doesn't really like potato soup so I have to make it when I know there will be more people here to eat it even though it is one of my favorites. I have really been enjoying the crockpot potato soup recipe off of pinterest! 

I can't wait to read what you've been up to so far in November and read about your yummy foods! 

Just as a reminder, if you leave feedback on any purchased product from my TPT store between today and November 3, 2015 you will receive a freebie of my newest Thanksgiving product! Be sure to check this deal out. 


  1. I love TWD too!!!!! Last weeks episode tugged at my heart but I hope that this week explains more!!!! My fur baby loves to chew on her toys too!

  2. Wow 4 day weekend! That sounds so nice! Have a great four day week!