Saturday, October 17, 2015

October Freebie

I feel like I start off every post about how crazy my week was so I guess that means all of my weeks are crazy. This was our first week back from fall break and it was a wild one. October is one of my favorite months, insert basic white girl talk about pumpkin spice everything and fall weather, so once we came back from fall break it was October explosion in my classroom. 

We began comparing and ordering decimals this week and number lines are a must! I had some of these candy corn decimal cards that I'm not sure where they came from and I had a wonderful idea. Why not use those cards for students to make number line with. 

They. Loved. It. The weather was wonderful so my fellow 5th grade teacher and I took the whole 5th grade out side to compare and order decimals. First, we started with groups of five and then continued until we had our whole class in order from least to greatest. The kids were so engaged and it was so interesting to see what strategies they had for organizing everyone. 

So, what I have for you is a Candy Corn Craze Freebie. There are 14 candy corn card with decimals on them that you can use for a whole class number line, comparing war center game or many other activities. Also, there is a exit clip with comparing decimals including the answer key. I hope that you enjoy and please leave feedback. 

I hope this freebie can help bring some October into your classroom and help your kiddos with ordering decimals! Happy Fall Ya'll! 

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