Tuesday, August 4, 2015

{Week 2} BTS in a FLASH

This week the theme for BTS in a flash with Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher, Fancy Free in 4th and Ramona Recommends is curriculum must haves! 

When I was thinking of my curriculum must haves, it was really hard to narrow it down to just three! There are so many wonderful and useful products on TPT that I use every year, and with this week being the BTS sale, my wish list was loaded down with products. 

My must have products are some of my go to's and one go to that I would love to have! 

Frist, is a product that I made specifically because I couldn't find any products like it on TPT. One of the 5th grade math standards is that students must interpret a fraction as division of the numerator by the denominator. My first year of teaching, while I was building all of my must have curriculum this was one of the standard that I was difficult for me to find resources for. So I took the situation into my own hands and made something up. I a responsible for learning my on RTI group, so while I am working with a small group my other kiddos are working on centers. I typically use this resource for one of those RTI centers, but at times I pull it in for a walk-the-room type of thing. This product is on sale for $2.00 until tomorrow, click the picture to purchase. 

In 5th grade Social Studies is HUGE and one of our biggest, and most difficult, units is American Government. My students have a wide range of schema about this topic, and a wide range of reading abilities, so this product from The Sweetest Thing was a life saver. This product has a variety of passages about American Government in a variety of reading levels. All of my students can read at their own level and we can still have class discussions because all of the passages are very similar. I use these passages in reading to practice a skill, and then carry over their knowledge into my Social Studies lessons. If you teach government, I would HIGHLY recommend this product. 

Last but not least a product on my wish list. Jennifer Findley from Teaching to Inspire Fifth has been one of my favorite TPTers and bloggers since I started teaching. I am always so excited too see one of her new products. I've had my eye on this decimal differentiated constructed response back for a while now and I do believe that this TPT sale is going to be the extra motivation I need to purchase this product. If you haven't checked out Jennifer Findley on TPT you should go there now! 

With school starting back I can't wait to read everyone's must have curriculum! 

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