Saturday, August 22, 2015

Erin Condren Teacher Planner

I'm probably the 123,433,284th person to blog about their Erin Condren teacher planner, but I must say that this is the first one I've had and I LOVE it. I've always just typed up my plans from week to week so this year I decided to try something new. I am loving just being able to jot down what I am doing each day and then referring back to my more detailed typed plans if I need to. This year I'm not required to turn in any lesson plans, but my principal sits in with our team planning once a week. 
When I first began researching EC teacher planners I immediately found 3rd Grade Thoughts and her awesome planner hacks. I fell in love with her editable headers and knew I had to have the immediately. 
My first week of school plans looked like this, my handwriting is awful and it just isn't as cute as I was wanting it to be.
 So I decided to add the beautiful headers from 3rd Grade Thoughts, but it wasn't enough either. I hate my handwriting so I wanted to create some side labels too and that is exactly what I did. It took me about 10 million tries, but I finally got it to work and look how much better my planner looks...even though my handwriting isn't the best.
 Here is a shot of a blank week, I just love how nice and neat everything looks! I also love how I can change up the colors and fonts if I want so I will never get bored with the possibilities!
If you are like me and want to cover up the side of your ECTP then you can grab my freebie here!  Everything is completely editable to fit your own personal style and can me made to match the freebie you got from 3rd Grade Thoughts. 

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  1. This is so awesome, I need this for my EC planner. What kind of paper did you print this on?

    1. I just used plain white computer paper and then glued it in. I'm sure you could use the full sheet Avery stickers if you wanted to do that too.

    2. Thank you for replying Elizabeth! Thanks for the freebie as well :)