Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tell All Tuesday: Top Ten List

Today I am so excited to link up with Teach, Talk, Inspire and My Day in K for my first ever Tell All Tuesday! 
 This week the theme is Teacher Top Ten and I will be sharing with you the top ten things I have learned in the first 3 years of my teaching career, and let me tell you I've learned a lot! 

10. Be confident! There are so many new strategies and techniques that every year I feel like I am being pulled a thousand ways. At the end of the day it is important to remember that no matter what, you know your students and you know what to do for them. Be confident in your ability to these those kiddos that you know so well. 

9. When I first began teaching (a whopping 3 years ago) I was afraid to ask too many questions because I was afraid that I was going to look like I didn't know what I was doing. When I look back I wish that I would have had asked more questions! Just remember that asking questions doesn't make you look like a bad teacher, just someone who wants to do the right thing. 

8. Last year I had one of "those kids" the ones that everyone talks about and no one really wants. Let me tell you, this student was one of my favorite students. All this kiddo needed was some extra love and for someone to not immediately label him as the bad kid. 

7. Let's face it, we all want to be the teacher that every student loves and goes on for years to come singing your praise. This isn't going to happen with every student, every year. I had to realize this the hard way recently, when one of my most loved kiddos told me that I wasn't their favorite teacher

6.  My first year of teaching I had this parent who would always post negative things about the school I was working at on Facebook and it always ended up getting back to me. As a first year teacher it was hard swallow that not all parents would have my back. My principal that year was the best and stuck by my side all of the times the negativity showed its nasty head on the internet. 

5. Even if you think you have enough for 3 hours, you probably don't have enough. The one time you don't have enough to do will be the one time someone important walks in to see you teach. 

4. This goes with be prepared, students will get stick, lessons will not go as planned. Things, happen be ready for them. 

3. Fire drills happen at the worst time, surprise guest speakers show up unannounced and you've just go to be able to deal. 

2. If they like Star Wars, you like Star Wars. If they like Girl Meets World, you like Girl Meets World. Whatever your students like, you should learn to like too. Once your students feel like you care about them, everything else is cake. 

1. I teach 5th grade, which means students ask me questions all of the time and I don't know the answer. Or on the flipside I might think I know the answer, but I'm all wrong. I'm straightforward with my students from the get go that I don't know everything and sometimes I'm wrong. 
Now the fun part, head on over to My Day in K to tell us your Teacher Top Ten!

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  1. #7!! I just want all my students to love me!!! :) Great list!
    Shine on in First Grade