About Me

Hey Y'all! I'm Elizabeth, a 25 year old 5th grade teacher from Kentucky, where we all bleed blue and love our basketball! This will be my fourth year teaching in my small town school and I could not imagine doing another thing with my life!

I was lucky enough to find a teaching job at the same elementary school that I attended and where I sat beside my husband in Kindergarten. I work along side of some of the same wonderful teachers that invested so much into me. When I began my teaching career I was SURE I was going to teach Kindergarten and was heartbroken when I found out I would be teaching 5th grade. Now that I've been there for 3 years I know I have found the place for me. The wit, humor and independence of a 5th grader has spoiled me and I'm not sure I could ever leave. 

When I'm not teaching I love to spend time with my family and friends. During the summer I'm kept busy by pulling horses, drag racing ATV's and playing with my boxer, Ruger. 


  1. I'm an SLP in west KY... stopping by to say hello!

    1. Hello! I am always excited to meet fellow Kentucky teachers!