Sunday, September 20, 2015

Peek at My Week

Let me just start off by saying that my life has been crazy for the past two weeks. My husband and I went on a quick weekend trip to Gatlinburg last weekend and I haven't caught up since! I figured that I could quickly give you a Peek at My Week and do my first ever link up with Mrs. Will's from Mrs. Will's Kindergarten. 

I have been out of my room at least once a week for the past two week and this week makes week three! Its so hard getting back into the grove with my kiddos when I know I'm going to have to leave again. 

This week is repetitive since we are working on two Project Based Learning experiences. If you haven't tried this in your room, you need to, like now. We began the year with a plant based PBL where the kids are now working on their student deliverable which is presenting to the 1st grade class what plants would be best for their garden this year. Through helping the 1st graders at our school my kids learned a lot about how plans grow and exactly what plants NEED to grow (air and water). 

We are also beginning this week to work on a PBL in social studies that is based on Native Americans and how we as 5th graders can help them overcome the obstacles they have in life due to their past. Since PBL is so student driven, its hard to make weekly plans because I'm not sure where the students are going to lead me each day. Yes, I know what I want to teach them so I try to lead them where I want them to go but some days they get so caught up in their own learning that we have to move away from the plan. Which is why my S.S. plans look to be the same every day. 

What do you have going on this week? 

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