Sunday, February 21, 2016

Peek at My Week: 2/22/16

 Can you believe that this is the last full week of February?! School is flying by and I can't believe I only have a few more months left with my wonderful 5th graders. I'm pretty excited to share with your some of my week! 

Since the school year is going by so fast, its time to really start thinking about the KPREP test, so this week we are going to be doing some math review with this awesome 5 -A-Day Review.  This is such an awesome product that I have the 5-A-Day Language as well. 

For RTI we will be focusing on Prefixes and Suffixes this week and I knew my prefix and suffix task cards would come in handy with my RTI group. For reading and writing we will be finishing up our Revolutionary War Non Fiction Magazines. I got this awesome idea from Mary at Teaching with a Mountain View. I made a few tweaks to make this work for my class and a Project Based Learning Experience. Keep an eye out for a blog post about this soon. My kids have LOVED this experience! 

 Trucking right along we will be continuing our government unit in Social Studies. One of my favorite rescues for Social Studies are the level reading passages from The Sweetest Thing. I have them for almost every Social Studies topic. I find that they are awesome for when I have a sub or need some review. I recently purchased an interactive notebook from Ashleigh and I can't wait to start using it. 

In Math we are beginning one of my favorite topics, fractions! My kiddos will begin with reviewing fractions and working on the "fractions as division" skill. I have fallen in love with the interactive notebooks from Jennifer Findley (I might have all of them) as well as her 5th grade game boards. We will also be using my Valentines Riddles to practice this math skill.

Finally, for Math RTI we will be practicing some new skills as well as reviewing old skills and setting up foundations to learn some new skills! For Math RTI I work with a small group while the rest of my class rotates through centers. This week they will be practicing fractions as divisions with one of my top selling products as well as reviewing volume with my very first digital math resource. Then, Jennifer Findley comes to the rescue with her spoons game for converting mixed numbers and improper fractions and another one of my favorites, her Just Print resource (I might have all of those too!)

What are you up to on this last full week of February? I can't wait to find out. 

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